Hare Krishna, it’s Carolin, I’m 46, living in Germany. Madhava helped me with his spiritual instructions to solve severe problems of my whole previous life and my actual relationship in short time. There were to resolve contracts and a curse from former lifes, which influenced all my actions and behavior, especially connected with feelings of guilt, shame, anger as well as the inability to accept termless loving offers. Now I feel more free and calm. Negative thoughts doesn’t go round in circles and I’m in balance. All this saved my relationship, that is now more heartfelt and understanding. I’m very grateful for all the help I got and I highly recommend to take Madhavas help if you feel in trouble with your life. Haribol and all best wishes to you.

Dr. Carolin Boschan – Berlin – Pediatrician


My first experience with Madhavananda Dasa was when he performed Vedic yagyas for me, for various issues I was facing and for corrections of negative planetary (karmic ) aspects. He analysed my chart correctly, and also shared with me the insights through his psychic vision. I have used his services many times and can confirm that he is always correct in his analysis and insight about a person or a situation.

I would highly recommend Vedic yagyas and samskaras for any life issue, as they increase the positive potential in one’s life.

I have had and continue to have samskaras performed for my baby boy, and can say that he is doing amazingly well and is a very healthy, happy and a highly intelligent and conscious child. I think that samskaras are one of the most important things a parent can do for their child.

Ivana Rončević – Zagreb/Croatia – University Teacher

Madavananda did a few jyššotish readings for me some 15 years ago when I was in my twenties. I still use the notes I made then as a guide for making important decisions and am amazed at the accuracy of his readings. Among other things he told me then that I would marry in my late thirties. I didn’t like that and so I kind of disregarded the information. When in my mid thirties after a broken heart I came across those notes, I read the precise description of the “good for nothing man” that will come before the right one, and I really regret I didn’t listen better to his advice. I met my husband shortly after and got happily married at age 38. I warmheartedly recommend Madavananda as a really nice person and a quality jyotishi to anyone!

Andrea – Osijek/Croatia – Housewife and Mother of 2 great kids

I was blown away with the accuracy of the reading. I am very grateful for the council and explanation Madhavananda gave. He made the reading easily understandable and I felt fully relaxed throughout.
Undoubtedly this feels like the real deal.

Amazing, thankyou Mahavananda.

Angela Agnitattwa – New Zealand/Aniwaniwa – Landowner

Such a great experience with Madhavananda, he is very learned jyotishi and nice, spiritual person. He invested so much in preparation for our meeting and I got many interesting details and helpful, practical tips. I feel he completely “nailed” my horoscope. I highly recommend him!

Ines Zizic – Solin/Croatia – Entrepreneur/Singer/ atma.hr Owner